STUNNING: “Pro-choice” students find out they’re actually pro-life… in just a few minutes of questioning

There are several reasons why a woman would want to choose an abortion, but a new film titled, “7 Reasons” might just change your mind about every single one of these pro-abortion arguments. In the film, several students were interviewed one-on-one. Every student that identified as “pro-choice” ultimately softened and changed their mind by the end of the interview. In just a few minutes of questioning, the students dissociated with their pro-choice beliefs and sincerely said that they would vote pro-life in the future.

With New York legalizing infanticide up until birth, this topic has become very important to discuss.

The new 42-minute film is available for immediate download from the Living Waters Ministry website. In the film, students’ pro-choice beliefs dissolved when they recognized and understood what the moral implications were for making this life or death choice. The film gets straight to the heart of the matter, bringing conscience and scientific evidence to the forefront of a very polarized argument.

In the film, Ray Comfort, founder of Living Waters Ministry, approaches students and asks if they are pro-choice. Most say they are, but within a few minutes their hearts begin to change. By the end of the interview, the students feel that they could never support abortion again. Living Waters YouTube Channel is set to release the film on Mother’s Day weekend.

The science of fetal development is undeniable

One pro-choice argument that quickly fell away in the interviews is the idea that there isn’t a baby in the womb, just a clump of cells. When the students learned about the details of prenatal development, their hearts began to soften. Even at fertilization, all the genetic information, such as hair and eye color, has been determined to ultimately bring a unique human being into the world. As soon as week two, the fetus attaches to the wall of the uterus and contains the entire DNA to grow full term. By week three, the placenta has developed to provide nourishment for the developing fetus. By week four gestation, a heartbeat has formed. (Humans are pronounced deceased when their heart beat stops.) At week six, tiny hands and feet have developed, and the internal organs are already developing by week seven. By the ninth week, the baby’s facial features are determined and the mouth begins to open. After just two and half months, the fetus is approximately three inches long, with fine details such as hair and fingernails.

Forfeiting conscience, killing out of convenience

The interview also helped students admit that their previous pro-choice beliefs were based on the idea that the mother’s happiness in life is most important and that they can just kill human beings out of convenience. For the same reasons a man may seek happiness from raping a woman, or a pedophile who is gratified by touching a child — a woman should recognize that her happiness is not paramount, not justified, and not fulfilled when she decides to end her pregnancy and shutter the developing life inside her. The pursuit of righteousness is far more important than encouraging a women to pursue her own sense of happiness, yet Planned Parenthood gives women reasons to seek self-destructive forms of happiness. Dulling the conscience to seek selfish desires will only damage the woman spiritually and emotionally, especially in time, as the decision lingers in the back of her mind.

Men are also affected by these decisions long term, so they cannot be silenced and pushed away just because they don’t have the honor of carrying their offspring inside their bodies. Men whose conscience is strongly in support of protecting human life, should have a voice too. Ray Comfort said that when he talks with young people about this issue, he is “amazed at both the hardness of heart of some, but of the ignorance of others and tenderness of others.”

“They have no idea what happens with an abortion,” he said. “I ask questions like, ‘If it was your job to kill a baby, what do you think would be the most efficient way to do the job?’” The question put the real issue in perspective and ultimately changes students’ hearts on the matter.

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