According to the deranged Left, talking about wanting to kill your unborn baby isn’t “Hate Speech” … it’s LOVE

As health conscious consumers, avid readers of Natural News are always looking for new ways to improve our lifestyle, extend our longevity, and eliminate toxins from our daily intake. It’s all part of the bigger picture, where we don’t want to get the wool pulled over our eyes, or our rights as Americans taken away, or our lives shortened by some corporate melee. It’s all about awareness, education, diligence, self-sufficiency, and thriving in the face of adversity, but the Left doesn’t see it that way, so we’re all forced to get smart fast and snuff out their hatred of our success every day.

One way to accomplish this is to recognize the hypocrisy of what they define as “hate speech,” so as not to become frustrated, confused, or worse yet, a pawn in their game for control. Yes, politics and political “correctness” all spills over into health – including the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realms.

For example, the Left-wing tech giants love to censor everyone for “hate speech” when anyone criticizes any illegal immigrants that are diseased and violent (and not that all of them are, but certainly many), but when Leftists murder babies and praise abortion, somehow that’s called “love” instead of hate. And what’s the Leftist answer to illegal immigration? Let in all the adults so they can vote for Socialist-Communism (Democrats) in 2020, but make sure they abort all their unborn babies and learn to call it “love.”

“Hate Speech” is cognitive dissonance with a Communist agenda that UNDERMINES democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of press, and human rights

The goal of the leading Democrats (Clinton, Pelosi, Schumer, etc.) is to reduce the population while crippling the living, working clones by taxing them into poverty and obedience. The only way to get everyone to vote for this tyranny is to promise that everything will soon be free, including healthcare, food, college, and even income, as long as you keep voting for Socialism. Of course, the promises of today will never come “tomorrow,” but the zombies don’t know that. They can’t even remember what they had for breakfast.

The common “bond” and formula for this brainwashing includes perpetuating extreme, violent hatred (through mass media messages) for anyone who doesn’t agree that Socialism rules, including aborting all pregnancies and censoring all conservative voices, while supporting gender fluidity, open borders, no police, no prisons, total gun confiscation, and forced medication.

According to the Left, it’s proper to beat up an old lady in the street who wears a MAGA hat, but it’s wrong to say that there’s a biological difference between a male and a female. According to the Left, it’s normal and proper to form a violent mob and scream at Republican politicians at restaurants until they have to leave for fear of their lives, but it’s wrong to love a baby that’s still in the womb, call it human, and look forward to its birth and life.

According to the Left, it’s normal and proper for a perverted, rapist, male pedophile to put on a wig and a little makeup and use the women’s restroom at any store (or even at a school), but it’s wrong for independent media to publish reports on that same person committing crimes or being a danger to society.

According to the Left, it’s perfectly normal to drug up children and have them parade around as drag queens on a talk show runway or on stage at a strip club, but it’s wrong and immoral to criticize Planned Parenthood for murdering more black babies every week than the KKK killed in its entire history.

According to the Left, it’s basic curriculum to teach children that babies in the mother’s womb are worthless, have no thought, no senses, and no value. Preschoolers are literally being taught right now to “Shout Your Abortion” – the new way that all humans should crudely brag about murdering unborn human life. Anyone who disagrees with this sick and demented “education” prerogative is branded as “anti-science!”

You see, it’s all one huge mind control program intended to create hatred, dissonance, emotional trauma, and distract all Americans from appreciating and defending their inherent rights.

Why are leftists so obsessed about saving MIGRANT children who cross the border, but have ZERO compassion toward American children damaged by vaccines?

The current narrative runs like this: Let every single illegal immigrant come into America because not even one of them has any diseases, any violent tendencies, and can only help our country prosper. Anyone who feels any different, according to the Left, should be stoned to death in the street and their extermination celebrated as an event that supports “the greater good.”

Mainstream media currently has Democrats so brainwashed that they want our POTUS murdered along with anyone who wears MAGA paraphernalia or who argues (this includes simply disagreeing) with them about their political dogma.

These same Democratic-Socialist-Communists believe 100 percent in all biggest lies purported by the Leftist Marxists and Globalists: that the humans are causing the world to boil and dry up, that all vaccines are 100 percent safe and 100 percent effective, that all prescription medications work and save you from sickness, and that all conventional food is good for you.

These drugged up, dumbed down Democrat zombies have ZERO compassion for anyone who is injured (or suffering from autism) by toxic vaccines, dying of cancer from GMOs, or who is missing arms or legs from fighting in the endless, purposeless wars in the Middle East.

Leftists want more war, more “hate speech” regulation, more nanny-state policing, more “free stuff” from their government, more gun control, more taxes, and more addictive, debilitating drugs for their pain and anguish.

According to the Left, hate speech only applies to people who disagree with their beliefs. The Left, in other words, can kill unborn babies and brag about it, terrorize Trump supporters, and speak openly about murdering our President, but the Right should be censored and bankrupted for peacefully objecting to this tyranny.

Never before has the media controlled more minds and ruined more lives than right here, right now. Don’t fall for the fallacy of hate speech. Decode it. Be able to identify the hypocrisy so it won’t get the better of you and turn you into “one of them.” Tune into for updates on the deranged, insane Left as the world keeps spinning, hopefully.

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