Hollywood has become nothing more than a hate-filled, abortion-promoting, deviant cabal of filth and lunacy

It’s sad, but Hollywood today consists mostly of America-hating leftists who use every chance they get to slander President Trump and the conservative agenda. The vast majority of the movies that are put out today contain themes of progressivism and social justice, and most actors and actresses are nothing more than Marxists who like playing make-believe in front of a camera. But while Hollywood is overwhelmingly left wing, there are few places where radical liberalism coalesces more than at the Emmy Awards, which just celebrated its 69th year earlier this month.

One Emmy Award winner was the Hulu series The Handmaid’s Tale, which is a fictional show about a country where women are suppressed and a Christian theonomic regime has replaced America’s traditional system of government. After it was announced that The Handmaid’s Tale had won, writer and executive producer Bruce Miller connected the victory to left wing activism. In response, Planned Parenthood tweeted, “Couldn’t think of a better ending to the #Emmys if we tried.”

Another organization that just couldn’t contain itself after The Handmaid’s Tale won an Emmy was the National Abortion Rights Action League, also known as NARAL. “Congratulations to Handmaid’s Tale on your Emmys win for best drama series!” the group said. “The show highlighted the importance of [reproductive freedom] for all.” How cute it is that all of these Hollywood liberals and left wing organizations enjoy flattering each other so much while basking in the limelight. (Related: Hollywood should just shut down while President Trump makes America great again.)

The 69th annual Emmy Awards on CBS drew the second-lowest audience ever with just 11.4 million people tuning in, not that those who decided to watch something else this year were missing much anyway. The entire show was nothing but one long, drawn out celebration of big government progressivism, mixed with the entirely predictable Trump bashing and Hillary mourning.

For instance, there was certainly no shortage of Emmys being awarded to the cast of Saturday Night Live, which never turns down an opportunity to mock and humiliate the president of the United States. SNL’s Kate McKinnon even thanked Hillary Clinton for her alleged “grace and grit,” even though she was arguably the single most corrupt and unethical presidential nominee in U.S. history.

Speaking about her film titled 9 to 5, actress Jane Fonda said, “Back in 1980 in that movie, we refused to be controlled by a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot.” Fonda’s co-star Lily Tomlin then jumped in to finish the insult: “And in 2017, we still refuse to be controlled by a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot.”

After winning an Emmy for best actor in the FX show Atlanta, actor Donald Glover declared, “I want to thank Trump for making black people number one on the most oppressed list. He’s the reason I’m probably up here.”

And what would a night of vigorous Trump bashing be without a few words from the left wing zealot Stephen Colbert, who went as far as comparing Donald Trump to the main protagonist in the hit AMC television show Breaking Bad, Walter White. “I thought you people loved morally compromised antiheroes,” Colbert said. “You like Walter White. He’s just Walter Much Whiter.”

Boy, what a knee-slapper.

Hollywood really has become an elitist group – almost like a club – for all things anti-conservative and anti-American. (Related: Hollywood just found out that they have no real influence over the American voter… and they are steaming mad about it.) The overwhelming majority of actors, actresses, writers, producers and directors are big advocates of progressivism and social justice, and as a result, progressivism and social justice are the themes that reoccur most often in movies and television shows. As a result, the American people are essentially dumbed down, and the size and scope of the federal government continues to expand exponentially.

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